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About Us...

History: Nyando was created in 1966 after the larger Nyando (c/no 100) was split into Nyando (c/no143) and Nyakach (c/no 144). In 1987 the former absorbed part of Winam (c/no142) and part of it was hived off to form Muhoroni*c/no168) while the remaing part became Nyando(c/no187). It became c/no 187 in 1996.

Nyando district is a new district in Kenya which broke away from Kisumu District in Nyanza Province in 1998. Its capital is in a small town called Awasi 30 kilometres east of Kisumu. Nyando District’s largest urban centre is Ahero, located 24 kilometers from Kisumu City. Nyando district borders the Rift Valley Province. The district is named after the Nyando River.

1999 census

Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Pop. Urban pop.
Muhoroni Town 31,148 13,664
Ahero Town 61,556 7,891
Nyando County 207,226 10,055
Total - 299,930 31,610

Administrative divisions
Division Pop. Urban pop. Hqrs
Lower Nyakach 49,247 1,967 -
Miwani 58,029 - Miwani
Muhoroni 63,450 19,790 Muhoroni
Nyando (Awasi) 64,511 7,554 -
Upper Nyakach 64,693 275 -
Total 299,930 29,586 -

CDF Complaints?

The National Management Committee has established a Complaints Sub-Committee which arbitrates on all complaints. The Complaints should be forwarded to:
The Secretary
Constituencies Development Fund
P.O Box 46682 – 00100 Nairobi.
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